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Pixie Candy Ideas

Birthday Parties

Great for Rainy day or Sunshine!  Order the Pixie Party Kit which has 25 nine inch straws, all 7 flavors in 4 oz bottles.  One smart mom used this at her birthday party and made labels with each child's name that matched the party theme.  When each child finished making their straw, she put their label on their straw and put the straw in the child's goodie bag. No one got their straws mixed up or left them behind!

A Rainy Day

Nothing brings out sunny faces like Pixie Candy on a rainy day.  Order a couple of mini kits and keep them hidden until just the right day.  Your kids will love it!


Want a fun way to entertain kids when you've got all night to do it?  Order a party pack and let the fun begin.

Holiday Parties

Upon request, we can provide the Pixie Candy in holiday specific colors, such as red white and blue for the Fourth of July, or Red, White and Green for Christmas. 

School Events

Does your school have a carnival or open house?  This is an awesome craft and treat project that keeps the kids busy while having fun.

Country Club Parties

Looking for a way to celebrate with the members of your club?  Order kits for pool parties and organized fun days at your Country Club.

Day Camps

Many Day Camps have organized activities for Children.  Why not offer the fun and rewarding craft of Pixie Candy Art!

Vacation Bible Schools

Perfect for all ages.  Fun to make and fun to eat, this craft will keep the kids busy for as long as you wish!

Craft Project

Home schooling your children? Why not use this as a craft and learning project.  They can count the straws and the colors, learn about ratios and percentages (half full or one-eighth full), learn their colors, and many other things.

Birthday Gift

Send them near or send them far.  This is a great gift for friends and family with kids. 

City Festivals

Set up a booth and bring out the fun!  Find out how you can make money by.


Want to make money the easy way? Sell Pixie Candy Art. 

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